Tone Gems: Vintage budget guitars, amps, effects pedals and gear. Plus all things early Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Silvertone, Kay, Harmony, Danelectro, Regal, Airline, Alamo, Teisco, Univox, and more…

Our quest is to find vintage budget guitars, amplifiers and effects of non-repute and bring them to light. We search for, restore, play and write about these unexpected tone treasures. Not the mainstream stuff that everyone knows, but mostly electric guitars and analog gear from the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. Sometimes we’ll find a later or current piece built with retro vibe, and we like those too. Simple, built-on-a-budget, acoustic and electric guitars, tube and transistor amps, and analog pedals. No digital found here.

Tone Gems is based in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.