Murph Alert: Another Murph Guitar on eBay

Body - 1960s Blonde Murph Squire Electric 6-strong Guitar

Murph Alert!

Now on eBay, a rate 1960s Murph Squire 6-strong electric guitar.

If you are into rare electric guitars made in SoCal, in the category of “not made by Leo Fender” then this may be for you! Designed and built near my hometown of Riverside CA by WWII Navy pilot, Patrick Murphy.


1960s Blonde Murph Squire Electric 6-strong Guitar
1960s Blonde Murph Squire Electric 6-strong Guitar
Body - 1960s Blonde Murph Squire Electric 6-strong Guitar
Body – 1960s Blonde Murph Squire Electric 6-strong Guitar
Headstock - 1960s Blonde Murph Squire Electric 6-strong Guitar
Headstock – 1960s Blonde Murph Squire Electric 6-strong Guitar

Link to auction:

Rare Vintage 1960s Murph Squire Electric Guitar Great Fresh

Seller’s text from auction:

Rare Vintage 1960s Murph Squire Electric Guitar Great Fresh

Vintage 1960s Murph Squire electric guitar

In as found condition

Not tested

Looks like they are somewhat rare ?

Only number I see is 5114

Please see photos of condition

Please ask any questions

Great estate find !

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Silvertone 1445 Mosrite Surf Guitar

A Vintage 1970 Silvertone MIJ Copy of the Mosrite Guitar

Silvertone 1445 GuitarThis crazy looking solid-body electric guitar is ready to play surf, jazz, classic rock or county, and is simply a kick to play! The exquisite Silvertone 1445 (I mean, by dept. store standards of course) was hand-crafted by Teisco in Japan for Sears. The body style is an excellent Teisco version of the 1960’s Mosrite of California guitar played by rock Hall-of-Famers, The Ventures (Walk, Don’t Run and Hawaii Five-O).

Sears 1969 Catalog Page 929The Silvertone 1445 first appeared in the Sears catalog in 1968, and hung around in a few variations through the early 1970’s. It has three very loud single-coil (“Hound Dog”) pickups wired in series just like the old Danelecto models. The fast, low-profile solid Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard sports medium to low action and is easy to play. The growling Teisco “Hound Dog” single-coils have lots of bite, and the solid poplar body has plenty of sustain. Of course, the single-coils and non-shielded wiring can be a bit noisy if you’re not careful, but easy to avoid. And I must say that the hand-painted sunburst finish over the flamed Maple; the contoured German carve body with tortoise shell pickguard; and intricate triple-layer celluloid binding makes this guitar a stunning sight to see.

Silvertone 1445 Guitar Body
Silvertone 1445 Guitar

The 1445 represents the pinnacle of Teisco’s contribution to the Sears Silvertone line. All high quality materials and workmanship. It has the following specifications and features:

  • Body: Morite-style, celluloid bound, fully contoured, flamed Maple over basswood with German carve; sunburst (yellow-red-mahogany) high gloss polyurethane finish; tortoise shell celluloid pickguard.
  • Neck: Bolt-on solid Maple neck with Brazilian(?) Rosewood fretboard, Pearloid block inlays and triple bound celluloid edge (w/b/w); 25½″; 22 frets with zero fret; 1-5⁄8″ at nut.
  • Pickups: Three Teisco single coil “Hound Dog” pups wired in series (loud, louder, loudest); 3 slide switches plus tone boost switch for 7 pup combinations; 3 volumes and 1 master tone control.
  • Headstock: Solid Maple; black nitro-lacquer finish; block style logo.
  • Tuners: 6 in line; sealed; made in Japan.
  • Vibrato: Teisco tremolo bar.
  • Bridge: Teisco adjustable roller bridge; chrome cover.
  • Dimensions: Length 41½″; Body 19″; Upper Bout 12½″; Lower Bout 14½″; Thickness 2″ at base of neck.

The Silvertone 1445 Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of the 1445 taken with the Silvertone 1421 (Sears 10XL). The 1421 is a 10-watt tube amp that was also offered by Sears around the same time. These two instruments were often bundled and sold together as a set around Christmas time (the Sears Wishbook).


Silvertone 1445 Guitar Schematic Diagram (by

Silvertone 1445 Guitar Schematic Diagram

Special thanks to Randy ( for helping fix the electronics and getting it back into stock, playing condition!

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larry tiedemann November 7, 2012 at 3:04 pm

i own a 68 model that i refinished in 2004.i should not have done that but the end result looks great and at the time i only paid 85$ for was my first experimental guitar.i learned about guitar construction,electronics,it taut me every thing i know about guitars today.i could build one from scatch if need be.if you want to check out a photo go to my facebook page.


alex November 7, 2012 at 7:20 pm

Hey Larry, that’s a great looking refinish you did. Love that guitar. Thanks for dropping by and sharing. ~alex