Another Silvertone Christmas

Another Christmas; another Silvertone surprise! Last year it was the snazzy electric Silvertone 1445 that showed up under the tree. This year it’s the diminutive 1956 model Silvertone 605 parlor guitar. It must have been misplaced in the back of Santa’s sleigh for some 55 years? The 605 is a small body, Read more…

Vintage Sears 5XL Silvertone 1420 Guitar Tube Amp

Silvertone 1420 (Sears 5XL)

At first glance the Sears 5XL guitar amp would be easy to disrespect, even considering it’s legacy in the line of original Danelectro/Silvertone guitars and amplifiers. And why not, it’s a Sears, right? Well, that’s where you’d be wrong.